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Targeted Case Manager

Reports directly to:  Leadership Team

Targeted Case Managers function as the gatekeeper and facilitator of service provision.  As such, Targeted Case Managers will work closely with their assigned team leader.   Individuals who provide this service will facilitate the planning and implementation of a service team plan, which should include input from all vested team members including the client.  This document will be specifically designed to assist children/clients to live successfully in their own community.  Essentially, the Case Manager will bring together all the service providers involved with the child/family/client’s life and create a collaborative plan to address identified issues.  To ensure appropriate implementation of the service plan, the Case Manager will maintain regular contact with the family and other service providers, as well as seek additional resources beneficial to clients/families.

Targeted Case Manager positions may be full-time, part-time positions or contract.

Specific Duties

1. Review bio-psychosocial of child.

2. Meet with child/family and “get to know” each other through initial conversations. Parents will provide history—strengths and concerns for child.

3. Complete initial needs assessment based on strengths and concerns identified by the family and other service providers.

4. Complete needs assessment at intake, 6 months, and 6-month intervals thereafter, clearly documenting history of symptoms, symptom progress related to diagnosis, changes within child’s environment(s), recommendations, and team membership.

5. Identify current services being accessed by family.

6. Familiarize the family with the service team meeting process and discuss the vital role of the parent/guardian in development of the child’s plan.

7. Schedule the service team meeting with the family and document invitation to all identified team members at a mutually agreeable time. (Initial meeting within 14 business days of eligibility, at 60 days and every 90 days thereafter.) In the event of an emergency, major life change, request of team member or need for additional services, a team meeting will be held to review/revise plan to ensure appropriateness of goals and objectives.

8. Facilitate initial interdisciplinary service team meeting to develop a treatment plan for the child/family.

9. Schedule and document next meeting date and time during current service team meeting while all members are present.

10. Create service team plan based on information obtained from team members and therapist. Provide team plan to therapist within 1 week from the meeting.

11. Keep documentation per state/agency requirements in the correct chart format. Provide contact sheet and documentation updates to supervisor monthly.

12. Assist family in identifying natural supports. Be knowledgeable of current resources which may be beneficial to families within their community. Attend related meetings as requested.

13. Work with PPC Community Resource/Training Coordinator to meet identified needs of the client.

14. Identify within case management objectives any natural supports which may be beneficial in goal attainment.

15. Monitor objective completion as defined in the service plan.

16. Review progress to determine if desired outcomes are being obtained.

17. Prepare progress reports, contact notes within identified timeframes.

18. Assist family with issues or difficulties which may be encountered during service plan implementation.

19. Facilitate ongoing service team meetings to obtain feedback, monitor, and revise service plan to obtain desired outcomes.

20. Provide input during supervision meetings, concerning needed services for children/families which cannot be obtained/accessed.

21. Full-time Case Manager’s shall provide case management services to 20 clients. A TCM Contractor’s caseload shall be assigned by the intake coordinator. TCM caseload shall not exceed 20 without approval of the Case Manager Supervisor.

22. Contact family and service team members continuously to ensure plan is in place and effective. Maintain a minimum of four (4) contacts per month; two (2) face-to-face meetings with clients. Case Manager will meet with the guardian each month, the child each month, other service team members, and two (2) phone contacts. Contacts should reflect regular collaboration across settings and meet the needs of the child/family. Billable contacts shall occur on separate days during the month. Case Managers shall complete a home visit each month. *During the COVID-19 State of Emergency face-to-face meetings shall be conducted via telehealth.

23. Participate in supervision meetings. Meet individually with the assigned supervisor 2 times per month, and billing supervisor 1 time per month. Attend all staff supervision one time per month.

24. Assist families in accessing services which would be beneficial (i.e., transportation, childcare, etc.).

25. Be an ADVOCATE for children/families.

26. Complete the required PPC Case Manager documentation. Update annual PPC forms with the client/parent/guardian.

27. Attend professional development trainings related to children.

28. Assist families in Medicaid Eligibility (if applicable).

29. Ensure that client’s families are aware of contact numbers and have crisis/emergency phone numbers.

30. Perform other functions related to job as deemed necessary by the supervisor.

Case Manager’s Qualifications

Each case manager shall be required to meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Have at least a bachelor of arts or science degree including:
a. Psychology; b. Sociology; c. Social work; d. Family studies; e. Human services; f. Counseling; g. Nursing; h. Behavioral analysis; i. Public health; j. Special education; k. Gerontology; l. Recreational therapy; m. Education; n. Occupational therapy; o. Physical therapy; p. Speech-language pathology; q. Rehabilitation counseling; r. Faith-based education; or s. Be a certified alcohol and drug counselor who has a bachelor of arts or science degree; and

2. A minimum of one (1) year of full-time employment working directly with adolescents or adults in a human service setting after completion of educational requirements or a master’s degree in a behavioral science, as defined above, may substitute for the one (1) year of experience;

3. Successful completion of case management training approved by the Kentucky Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (KBHDID) within six (6) months of employment, and completion of recertification requirements approved by KBHDID every three (3) years; and

4. Supervision by a behavioral health professional, who has completed case management training approved by KBHDID, shall occur at least two (2) times per month. Case Managers shall meet with the billing supervisor a minimum of 1 time per month.

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