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The Intake Process

Any community member (parent, teacher, physician, etc.) may complete a referral for services through Phoenix Preferred Care.

How are services accessed through Phoenix Preferred Care?

Any community member (parent, teacher, physician, etc.) may complete a referral for services through Phoenix Preferred Care. The referral source may complete a referral form and fax it to our intake staff at 606-451-8149, or you may call Shana Rose, BS, our Intake Coordinator at 606-451-9379.

Once the individual and/or parent/guardian has given permission for treatment, Phoenix Preferred Care will schedule and conduct an initial intake interview and assessment. If, after conducting the initial interview and assessment, our clinician determines that outpatient behavioral health services are appropriate, the treatment team will develop an appropriate treatment plan that may be comprised of an array of services including Individual Therapy, Family and/or Collateral Therapy, Group Therapy and Case Management. These services will be provided in the most appropriate setting as determined by the treatment team.


For your convenience, the attached referral form can be completed and faxed to 606-451-8149 and our intake staff will follow up with you via phone. For additional information regarding services offered by Phoenix Preferred Care or to schedule an intake appointment, contact Shana Rose, BS at or 606-451-9379.

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Our client demographic is very diverse. These forms are tailored to cover a variety of services and or needs.
We understand that not all areas will be applicable to each client. Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

“After we found Phoenix, (our child) started to change a little at a time. It was a process. Didn’t happen all at once. But that didn’t make it any less a miracle to me and her mom. She started using her words more. Gradually her outbursts became fewer and fewer and then stopped. The people here at Phoenix have been wonderful to us.”


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At Phoenix, we take an individual approach to treatment for all of our clients by placing them with the right professional and the right resources. Reach out today to speak to a staff member for more information.

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